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The programme for the pre-master Interior Architecture (Corpo-real) has been developed for both professionals who seek development and bachelor students who want to prepare for a Master’s course. You will discover how – within the Corpo-real theme – you can work on research and design projects. In 12 weeks, on the basis of this programme you will immerse yourself in the world of spatial research and design.

You will work together with a core tutor, and interact with guest tutors from the (international) professional field both within the discipline of interior architecture and related disciplines. Your fellow students are all involved in researching designs within the Corpo-real theme: the ever-changing relationship between bodies and space. During some parts of the programme you will have meetings together with the master students currently studying the Master Interior Architecture (Corpo-real).

Room for individual development

Your individual development is central to the lessons. You yourself are at work and you will get familiar with the world of spatial design. You are going to draw, make models, design, document and go on excursion. The programme adds to a deepening and enrichment of your knowledge and expertise.


Documenting and reflecting on your work is an important aspect within this programme. The work you make can be used for an admission interview for an Interior Architecture master's course. And, for your individual development portfolio within your practice. After you have successfully finished all components of the pre-master course, you will receive a certificate with a description of the pre-master and personal feedback on your work.


Architecture doesn't only exist around us; it also emerges in our thoughts.

In her work, Aaltsje searches for invisible connections that are made in the human mind. She graduated from the Master Interior Architecture in 2016 with her research of the Fragmented House where she studied the architecture in our minds. With this research she was invited for several exhibitions, won the Langhuis talent award and received a BNI prize honorable mention. After graduating she has worked at Ex Interiors and currently she is part of Studio INAMATT.