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During the Interior Design (IN_architecture) study in Zwolle, you follow courses such as Interior, Space and Object, where you have the space to develop your own profile and handwriting. The development of a higher vocational level of thinking and working is part of the study: solution-oriented and researching.


Course structure

  • The first half of the first year is dedicated to general, creative and personal development. Then attention is paid to the creative and visual ability, the development of spatial insight and design. The basis is always research. This forms the theoretical basis for the design phase.

    Subjects in the first year are:

    • Interieur
    • Ruimte
    • Object
    • Tekenen
    • Designhistorie
    • Beroepsvoorbereiding
    • Filosofie
    • Courses digitale media en werkplaatsen
    • Onderzoek
    • Gastlezingen
    • Vormstudie

    In the VOID (space between the programs of the semesters) you work on cross-border projects, sometimes for external clients together with other interior architecture students (IN__architecture).

    You make a study trip together with the other students of ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design Zwolle.

    During Winterlab and Zomerlab you work on multidisciplinary projects together with the students of the other design studies.

    In the theory course ThinK you will become acquainted with existing ideas about art and design. You will learn the various positions in different periods of the artist and designer as a craftsman, researcher, scientist, entrepreneur.

  • In September and January of this academic year, you will work on various projects. All of the design assignments on which you work are either derived from or contracted by professional practice. You will receive training in practical aspects such as materials, lighting, ergonomics, and construction.

    In the third semester, you will spend three months in an internship (in Dutch). In the final four months of the programme, you will work on a design assignment set by the programme. You will develop a conceptual interior design for an existing building. You will also write a paper on a topic related to this specialist area.

    Furniture, objects and elements of the designed interiors are built as full-scale models so that craftsmanship is incorporated into the design process. Each year, you will go on a study trip to a destination such as Hamburg, Paris or Copenhagen.

    ArtEZ finals

    All students of the Interior Designer Associate degree programme will present their graduation work during the ArtEZ finals in Zwolle. A visit to this graduation exhibition is a must if you are thinking about taking the Interior Designer Associate degree programme.